What We Do?

Overheating Issues
Is your device getting hot and draining the battery quickly?

We can help!

No Sound Repairs
No sound issues can be common after a drop.
Camera not Working
Has your camera stopped working but a new one didn’t fix it? We can fix logic board faults causing the camera to not work.
No Microphone Audio IC Fault
Does your iPhone no longer have a working microphone and says “no recording devices found” in voice memos?

This is a common fault with the iPhone 7 audio codec ic, we can fix that!

No Power Faults
Tried a new battery and the phone still doesn’t turn on? We can help!
Water Damage & Data Recovery
Need you precious photos back but can’t afford the $800+ other data recovery centres charge?


Our data recovery service is what you need!

Water Damage Repair

Waterdamage should honestly be looked as only for data recovery (although it’s possible you’ll have a functioning device after repair) 

Most of the time just drying out a water damaged phone isn’t enough.

Water has lots of different kinds of minerals in it, like traces of salt. When the water evaporates these minerals are left behind and continue to corrode the delicate connections on the handsets motherboard.

We repair waterdamage by first cleaning the motherboard of all contaminates, following this we commence a visual inspection of the logic board using a microscope.

After diagnosis, we get to work on powering up the device to get your data back. Modern phones are encrypted, so the only way to get data is by booting into the operating system and making a backup.

Audio Ic Repair

Under normal use your iPhone 7 bends slightly, just tiny amounts, this causes stress on the delicate electrical traces under the main audio codec IC, causing them to crack.

To fix this we remove the audio codec IC and run four micro jumpers underneath the IC. This is to reinforce the fragile copper traces that crack under normal usage stresses.

Following this we replace the brittle lead-free solder balls used by Apple with much more durable leaded solder. This is to ensure long lasting durability of these connections.

No Power Repair

Including overheating

No power can be caused my numerous factors, either from a short circuit or from a faulty IC causing a power supply rail or data line to not function correctly.

 ‍  ‍

To repair no power, we first have to diagnose whats causing the issue. This involves checking all critical power lines and ensuring required internal communication data lines are functioning.

 ‍  ‍

After we know the root cause of the no power issue, we go right ahead and endeavour to rectify the issue.

Physical Damage

Broken connector?

Pry Damage?

Torn Home Button?


Each situation is different, so contact us and we’ll strive to provide a solution to your problem.