Network Lock? Google Lock?

We can help!

Here at we offer a variety of handset unlocking services, from network SIM unlocking, to password removal and even google account removal.


Network Sim Lock

Most phone carriers around the world lock the phones they sell to their network, ensuring you have to remain a customer for some length of time.

This is fine until you decide to switch carriers or use a temporary SIM overseas while on holiday. What can you do?

Here is where our services come into play, we directly unlock your handset via the modem engineering interface. We also offer remote IMEI based unlocking for certain models.

All our unlocking services have free return shipping Australia wide.

Why do we need to physically have the handset? Can’t we send a code?

For Android phones we actually read the unlock codes directly from your phones modem chip, this ensures that the correct code is entered (there are only 3 or 4 attempts to enter the unlock code), adding to this, most modern handsets don’t support code generation from the IMEI.


Google Lock

Google locks, also known as Factory Reset Protection (FRP) locks, are used on most modern Android based devices. The purpose of this is to prevent use of the device after a factory reset, with out the linked gmail account credentials that where used when the handset was initially set up.

 I forgot my credentials, can you help?

Yes in most cases we can remove this lock, once we have some proof of ownership, we can remove the lock for you.

Do I need to send the device to you?

Yes, in order unlock the device, we need to submit an unlock token via the devices service/download interface.


  • Google Account / FRP Lock Removal: $99
  • Network Sim Unlock: Starting From $39
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