You may have brought your phone to a repair shop and they told you it needed “micro soldering” and you may be asking yourself what is micro-soldering anyway?

First lets start off with soldering; which involves connecting wires or components to each other with an alloy made from tin and copper. A metal alloy, with a melting point or melting range below 450°C, which is melted to join metallic surfaces. By joining two surfaces with this alloy is conducts electricity and allows current to flow from one component to another.

Often times with smaller mobile devices, a need for shrinking the surface mounted components arises. With the smaller components comes smaller tools. Typically working with components on the 0402 scale and even smaller makes using standard tools very difficult. The scale is literally microscopic; components on a board can be smaller than a grain of rice (hence the microscope).

When the components and IC’s get to a smaller size, often times a smaller soldering tip is needed, with this tip you will also need to a microscope to facilitate the repair. While the term micro soldering is a bit broad, anything needed to be repaired and soldered under a microscope would be considered “micro soldering”

If you are in need of micro soldering services for any device, be sure to contact us today for your repair needs.